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Checking that Earns Dividends

This account earns dividends which are computed daily, compounded and paid monthly. Your funds are secure and you have access to your funds anytime either in person or by using checks, PAYS Online Banking, your Debit or ATM Card or by using our Parishioners At Your Service (PAYS). Look at all the other features you'll enjoy with a Parishioners Share Checking Account: 

  • First order of checks free with initial deposit of $500 or free checks to all members 65 and over (first order only).

  • Debit and ATM card access to checking account through ATM networks: CO-OP, STAR, PLUS system.

  • Deposits may be made automatically via Direct Deposit.

  • Overdraft protection available through automatic transfer from shares savings and/or money market accounts, or Cash Advance Line of Credit.

Parishioners Federal Credit Union ABA routing number is 322281031.

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