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Save with Membership Benefits

Regular Share Savings Account

Your Share Savings Account establishes your Parishioners Federal Credit Union membership. By opening a Share Savings account you give yourself access to all the other benefits of Parishioners Federal Credit Union membership. Click here to join now.

This is a savings account that is required to establish and maintain your membership with Parishioners Federal Credit Union. This account can be opened with as little as $10, (your $5 membership fee and a $5 opening deposit), and has no monthly maintenance fee. Your funds are secure and just look at all the other features you'll enjoy with a Parishioners Share Savings Account: 


  • Unlimited access with minimal or no fee depending on usage.

  • Dividends are calculated monthly on the daily balance and posted quarterly.

  • Ability to access information and perform transactions 24 hours a day using our online banking or voice response system.

Sub Account

Once you have established your membership with a Regular Share Savings, you may choose to open a Sub Account for just about any special purpose or savings goal.

Open your account with at least $5 and then choose a name to customize your account such as "Vacation Account", "My Wedding" or any other name that describes your goal.

Christmas Savings Club


A special interest bearing savings plan designed to make saving for the holidays easier. Your funds are secure and the annual term of the Christmas Club account runs from November 16 and ends on November 15 of the following year. On November 15 of each year the balance of the account is distributed to you before Christmas. 

  • Dividends are calculated monthly on the daily balance and posted quarterly.

  • Ability to access information and perform transactions 24 hours a day.

  • No minimum amount needed to open account or maximum deposit.

  • No service charges.

  • Account funds automatically mailed to you before the holiday season or deposited into your checking or share account.

Your Funds are Safe with Us

At Parishioners, membership is more than just an account. It's a lifetime relationship. To protect your accounts and the lifetime relationship you entrust to us, we strive to achieve solid levels of financial stability. 


By an act of Congress, this statement is now part of the new official symbol of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which insures your share accounts with us.


It's the best guarantee you can get.
And, it just got better.


That same act of Congress increased share insurance for individual retirement accounts (combined with other self-directed qualified retirement plans). While other basic account ownerships remain at a $250,000 insured limit, individual retirement account (IRA) shares of each IRA owner are now insured by the NCUA - and therefore the United States - to the amount of $250,000.


This increased coverage for IRAs brings an opportunity to remind you that share insurance is defined by "ownership." And, each ownership is insured separately, so you could have several different accounts with us and be fully insured to amounts well in excess of the basic $250,000 limit.


Accounts at Parishioners are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency.

Your Fund are Safe with us
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