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paying with debit card
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Conveniently Accepted Worldwide

Still carrying cash or writing checks around town? Cash can be lost or stolen and we all know how much information you have to provide to write a check! The Parishioners Debit Card is a great convenience that makes purchasing easy.

For years consumers have been getting cash, making deposits and checking balances with their ATM cards. As the corner store, gas station and grocery stores started letting you pay for purchases with your ATM card, many members found their ATM card an even greater convenience.

Now, you can take it a step further with the Parishioners Debit Card. This card takes on double duty as a check and a credit card too. It's accepted at over 19 million MasterCard merchants worldwide and still offers all the other features of an ATM card. Simply present your check card to make a purchase and the merchant will ring your sale and ask you to sign the receipt. The money will be deducted from your checking account just like with your ATM card. And, it's safer because you won't reveal your PIN.

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