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Parishioners FCU General Steps to Delete Information on a Mobile App

1 Open the App:

  • Locate and open the application on your mobile device.

2 Navigate to the Relevant Section:

  • Go to the section of the app where the information you want to delete is stored. This could be a profile page, settings menu, or a specific data section.

3 Select the Information:

  • Identify and select the specific information you want to delete. This might involve tapping on an item, holding down on it, or using a menu option to select it.

4 Access Deletion Options:

  • Look for a delete option. This could be represented by a trash can icon, a delete button, or found within a submenu (often accessed via three dots or lines icon).

5 Confirm Deletion:

  • Follow the prompts to confirm that you want to delete the information. This usually involves tapping 'Delete', 'Yes', or 'Confirm' on a popup dialog.

6 Verify Deletion:

  • Check to ensure the information has been deleted. Refresh the app or return to the previous screen to confirm the data is no longer present.

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