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Mastercard and Visa Credit Cards Accepted Worldwide

Your Parishioners MasterCard® and Visa® credit cards are accepted at stores worldwide for purchases and cash advances. We offer personal and business credit cards.

Our personal credit cards offer a variety of options to suit just about anyone. We offer a Low-Rate card and a Preferred Points card in Visa® Classic, Visa® Platinum or Gold MasterCard.®*

Benefits Available To Both Card Types

  • Lower, competitive annual percentage rate (APR)

  • Low introductory rate for first six months**

  • Same APR** for purchases and cash advances

  • No annual fee

  • Rental car collision damage waiver protection

  • Cash advances for up to 50% of the credit line

  • 25-day interest-free grace period on all purchases, no grace period on cash advances

  • 24-hour, toll-free, live customer assistance available at 800.367.7576

  • Online account information available 24/7 at

Preferred Points Card Exclusive Benefit

Earn one point for each dollar spent, up to 10,000 points per month!

  • Redeem rewards points for cash-back awards, retail gift cards, travel and a wide variety of merchandise (see brochure at our branch)

  • To view or redeem rewards points, visit or call 866.678.5191.

Download Application

To apply, download the PDF application here; type in the information required and then print the application (you cannot save the document, so print an extra copy for yourself); or print it and then complete it using a blue or black pen. Paper applications are also available at our local branch office. Fax your completed application to the Card Service Center at 972.650.7054.

Or mail your completed application to:
Card Service Center
P.O. Box 569120
Dallas, TX 75356-9120

* Visa® Classic, Visa® Platinum and Gold MasterCard® Preference:

Indicate your preference if you have one; the card issued is subject to credit approval. MasterCard/Visa credit card is underwritten and issued by The Independent Bankers Bank. The Visa Classic card is issued if you qualify for a credit limit of less than $5,000. If you qualify for a credit line of $5,000 or more: you’ll receive the choice you indicate, or the Visa Platinum card if no choice is indicated.

** Please see application for information about current APRs and fees

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