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Personal/Signature/Share Secured Loan/Line of Credit and Payday Loan Application

Cross-Collateralization: You agree that collateral securing other loans with the credit union also secures this loan as well. This Cross-Collateralization provision does not apply to loans secured by property used as your dwelling. Lien On Shares: if(I am in default, you may apply all shares (except IRA accounts) in which I have ownership now and in the future, regardless of the source of the funds, needed by you to repay my loan in accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act 1757 (11) and your bylaws.

I/We authorize Parishioners Federal Credit Union to obtain credit information necessary for the fair evaluation of this loan request. I/We understand that it is a federal crime to willfully and/or deliberately provide incomplete or incorrect information for loan application made to Parishioners Federal Credit Union. I/We understand final approval of my application may require additional information and/or documents deemed necessary by Parishioners Federal Credit Union (i.e. pay stubs, insurance policies, copies of deeds, etc.). Verification or reverification of any information contained in the application may be made at any time Parishioners Federal Credit Union, its agents, successors and assigns, either directly or through a credit reporting agency.

I understand that Parishioners Federal Credit Union may contact me for additional information. I understand that all funds advanced to me will be subject to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

By submitting this application electronically, I agree to the same terms that apply to a signed application. If there is a co-applicant on this loan, that co-applicant has authorized the submission of this application. This electronic submission qualifies as my signature. I understand that I/we will have to sign loan documents before funds can be disbursed.

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By clicking below on "I Agree, Continue to the Application", I accept all Terms and Conditions/Disclosures associated with this loan request.
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