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Quick and Easy Account Access

For your convenience, Parishioners Federal Credit Union has several different ways to access your account(s); all quick and easy:

  • Log on to PAYSonline for 24-hour online access to your account.
  • Not by a PC? Not a problem. Call Parishioners At Your Service (P*A*Y*S), our 24-hour telephone banking line at 800-599-7433.
  • Sign up for our Bill Pay to send electronic payments to virtually anyone. Simply log on and tell Bill Pay who to pay, how much, and when. You can make one time payments or set-up automatic payments for monthly bills and never miss or be late with a payment again.
  • Streamline your personal financial management by using E-statements instead of receiving a traditional paper statement. You'll get a monthly e-mail reminder when your statement is ready and reduce the paper clutter in your life.
  • Our Debit card gives you direct access to your checking account at over 19 million MasterCard merchant locations. This card allows you to make purchases whereever MasterCard is accepted, as well as obtain cash, make transfers and check balances from ATM's. When you make a purchase, the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account balance.

Parishioners also helps you make the most of your time with conveniences like this website, online membership and loan applications and online check re-orders.

Visit us in person at our main office located in Torrance. We are open five days a week, Monday through Friday. You can also call us toll-free at 888-397-511 during business hours or email us.

To request more information on our time-saving products and services, click here to get started.

Parishioners At Your Service (P*A*Y*S)

What is P*A*Y*S?
With P*A*Y*S you can perform credit union transactions by telephone 24 hours a day. P*A*Y*S is convenient and easy to use. When you call P*A*Y*S (800) 599-7433 you need to know your member number and personal identification number (PIN). The P*A*Y*S system "teller" will tell you exactly what you need to enter and when. Before you begin, the P*A*Y*S will prompt you to enter the pound # key to enter the requested information or the asterisk * key to go back to a previous action or to end a call.

What transactions can I perform using P*A*Y*S?
You can get the following types of information about your accounts using P*A*Y*S.

  • Account inquiries
  • Transfer funds
  • Withdraw funds
  • Make an Authorized Member Inquiry
  • Other Services


With PAYSonline®, you can enjoy secure online access to your PFCU accounts, 24 hours a day and at no charge!

PAYSonline® offers many great features.
Track your account information when you need it. Get account balances and see transaction history. PAYSonline® lets you view your statements and get tax information online. You can also see what checks have cleared, get check copies and verify your deposits.

Enjoy state-of-the-art features.
Use PAYSonline® with the confidence that the safety of your account is fully protected using using the strongest encryption technology available. Make transfers within your account and even transfer between accounts that you own jointly. Make stop payments, check-by-mail withdrawals and loan advances... checking your balance and balancing your checking account was never this simple!

At PFCU, you are in control.
PAYSonline® is easy to use... Simply access PAYSonline® through your internet provider of choice to view your accounts. And for the ultimate control, you will find that with just the click of a button, PAYSonline® easily downloads your account data into your PC using your favorite money management software like Quicken, Microsoft Money or Excel.

Log In Today.

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All you have to do is create a personal security image and five security questions to complete the registration process. Once the registration process is complete, you may proceed with your transactions. At your next log in, you will be asked one of your five security questions and you will see your personal security image.

Remember to keep this PIN private.

Connect and log in directly if you've already enrolled or get answers to frequently asked questions. Not yet a member? Click here to learn how to join.

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Parishioners Debit Card... For Convenience & Safety

ParishionersFCU Debit CardStill carrying cash or writing checks around town? Cash can be lost or stolen and we all know how much information you have to provide to write a check! The Parishioners Debit Card is a great convenience that makes purchasing easy.

For years consumers have been getting cash, making deposits and checking balances with their ATM cards. As the corner store, gas station and grocery stores started letting you pay for purchases with your ATM card, many members found their ATM card an even greater convenience.

Now, you can take it a step further with the Parishioners Debit Card. This card takes on double duty as a check and a credit card too. It's accepted at over 19 million MasterCard merchants worldwide and still offers all the other features of an ATM card. Simply present your check card to make a purchase and the merchant will ring your sale and ask you to sign the receipt. The money will be deducted from your checking account just like with your ATM card. And, it's safer because you won't reveal your PIN.

Check Reorder

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